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Authentic Happiness

The quality of our relationships is one of the biggest predictors of happiness. More so than success in business. . . more than wealth. . . more than status or fame.

A 2020 global happiness study revealed the top five sources that bring the greatest happiness.

Personal well-being & physical health was the #1 source of happiness for those surveyed. 2nd & 3rd place closely followed, citing their greatest happiness was found in the relationship with a life partner and in the connection with their children. A meaningful life came in 4th and the quality of living conditions completed the 5th.

These sources have one thing in common. . . they are directly or indirectly connected to relationships.

Why is this?

Because there is nothing more powerful than an ordinary human being deeply rooted in the circles of extraordinary relationships.

Roots that stabilize the relationship I have with myself, my connection to God, the roots that reach my inner circle attachments, connecting me to my life partner, my close family, and my friends; collaborations with the associates in my network and the roots to the community that I live and work in.

Our human experience is elevated by these intentional connections that are full of tremendous passion.

People with these types of relationships have a different kind of life. One of thriving instead of a status quo existence.

So. . . how do we find more happiness and meaning in our relationships?

We start with intentional decisions.

Some of the most important decisions we will ever make are about who we invite into our circles.

Starting with a decision to show up for myself, in relationship with me, because many of us don’t. My decision to recognize my core spiritual beliefs and build a great life around them. What about the decision to attract a quality partner to experience life with me. Or deciding to build strength and true power. . . by balancing my concept of who I am in collaboration with the cultural concept of "we rather than me".

Life is all about the lives of everyone we touch.

How we show up is the determining factor for whether our touch is cultivating growth that empowers the Circles of Me. . . or planting deadly nightshade that delivers a slow and painful death. . . often times while we are still alive.

While “we rather than me” is the ultimate goal of external relationships, the path to a quality life begins with the strength of the relationship we have within ourselves.

Self-awareness. . . of who I am, coupled with the ability to nurture who I’m becoming, gives me the balance and insight needed to be seated, not at any table, but at the “right table”, to offer myself to the purposes that lead me to a life of fulfillment.

As we set the sail on this journey to explore our humanity together, don’t mistake the deep look at ourselves for narcissistic selfishness.

See it for what it is. . .

One step at a time. . . a balanced “Me” becoming a stronger community of “We”.

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One topic at a time. . . from the inside out.

Welcome to Circles of You.


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