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The Success Index From Money, Fame & Power to Spirit, Soul & Body

Money, fame and power.

That’s what Americans have been taught to build our lives around.

However, according to The Success Index, a research collaboration between the Populace Think Tank and Gallup Consulting, there’s a startling rejection of these traditional markers of success.

Less than 10% of Americans personally define success in competitive, status-oriented ways.

That’s just one person out of every ten.

The remaining majority of 90% define success differently.

The research shows:

  • that what we really want is much more personal,

  • that success is more about purpose and fulfillment than status and power,

  • that every one of us has something valuable to contribute to society,

  • and our collective potential lies in nurturing our individuality.

The social engineered ideology, of money, fame and power as the total measure of success, has lost its hold on the attitudes of the majority.

In no way does this minimize the need for financial security, network connections or influence in your circles.

Nothing could be done without them.

However, we see ourselves as more than this and we expect more than external validations of success.

We desire an elevated quality of life.

That’s the result of the internal formation of purpose and fulfillment.

Americans are redefining success, with ideas like:

  • finding your unique interests and talents,

  • developing them for market usefulness,

  • and living in a culture that is built to value and nurture them to maturity.

What would that look like?

  • Authentically interesting individuals instead of repeated replicas of others.

  • Engaging communities that bring people together instead of dividing for hidden power.

When the social engineered measure of success is removed, we are left with the original definition. Personal success is when you have:

  • a definite goal you are aiming to reach,

  • A well thought out plan detailing the actions needed for each step,

  • and the will power to work it and make it happen.

Originality in success is achieved by balancing your internal hierarchy.

We are made of 3 parts:

  1. Spirit,

  2. Soul,

  3. Body.

Dreams are first developed in our spirit from intuition, soul-awareness and big picture guidance.

This is where our unique interests and talents are exposed.

Plans are then developed in our soul using our mind to draft intelligent roadmaps,

will-power to push forward through obstacles and adaptive emotions to restrain impulses.

Finally, energy is developed in our body to maintain the physical conditions necessary for success, With energy input, energy storage, and energy expressed outward.

We have all the resources needed to develop the path to personal success.

For real purpose and fulfillment, we can choose our own definition of success

over the social engineered one.

For more information on the internal hierarchy, see our detailed video on Era 1 of Predetermined Me.

One step at a time. . .

A balanced “Me” becomes a stronger community of “We”.

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