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High Value Dating on Apps

According to Grand View Research, the market for global dating apps was valued at 7.5 billion in twenty-twenty one.

The business of love is very lucrative,

At the start of the pandemic:

  • OkCupid had a 700% spike in dates,

  • Bumble reported an increase of 70% in video calls,

  • and Tinder had 3 billion swipes in one day.

While these tools can be used as a gateway to casual hookups, that’s low value mating.

High value mates understand that their time is limited and choose to invest it wisely,

using a model similar to Warren Buffet’s “value investing” principle.

It’s a strategy that involves picking investments that appear to be trading for less than their intrinsic or book value.

The value is in the idea that they may not be the top company in the market today, but they will outperform the competition in the long run.

Let’s dissect that.

2 recent college graduates working in similar fields are options for you to swipe.

Graduate 1 has photos of entertainment, like exotic vacations, expensive cars and luxury watches.

Graduate 2 has photos of hobbies, like playing an instrument, photography and fitness.

The chances are really good that graduate 1 is just a consumer. On a recent grad’s salary, that luxury lifestyle may be consuming most of their income.

On the other hand, graduate 2 has already began to master additional learning in adult life.

The challenges of instruments, photography and fitness could be insight into a natural life student preparing for entrepreneurship.

That’s a skill that many adults struggle with after the institutions are no longer offering a learning path.

Which one would you swipe right to show you’re interested?

We would suggest both.

This is only the start of much needed research to intentionally choose high value mates.

The art of hovering over information with an aim to understand human behavior

must be developed and critical thinking skills are needed to make “value investing” decisions.

As with stock, there’s a lot of choices in the dating field, as found in the name of the app “Plenty of Fish”.

For a season of learning, check your emotions at the door, and take the time to become a master at understanding human behavior.

High-value mates:

  • aren’t afraid to invest in a long-term commitment,

  • will not be moved by popular opinions or temporary alternatives,

  • and find satisfaction in relationship stability.

Further hovering and conversation may reveal additional details, like a wounded ego that luxury items are soothing in graduate 1 or an ambitious mind, driven to explore and innovate in graduate 2.

Now or later, the truth will come to the surface.

One step at a time….

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